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How to join

Procedures to join the JSDA

The following shows the procedures to join the JSDA as a Type-I Financial Instruments Business Operator engaged in the securities-related business (securities companies):

Step1 Prior Consultation

Applicants may seek a prior consultation with the JSDA regarding the admission to the Association at the same timing as consulting with administrative authorities about the registration as a Type-I Financial Instruments Business Operator.
At the time of the prior consultation, applicants will be asked about the purpose of launching a business and its nature.
* If you need a consultation about how to join Japan Investor Protection Fund, please contact the Fund separately.

Step2 Submission of Screening Documents

Applicants need to submit the documents required for the admission screening.

Step3 Documents Screening, etc.

The JSDA screens the submitted documents and, as necessary, holds interviews.

Step4 Submission of Membership Application Form, etc.

After completing the business registration at the administrative authorities, applicants submit the JSDA application documents, including the Membership Application Form and attachments.

Step5 Deliberation at the Board of Governors, etc. on admission

The JSDA General Affairs Committee and the Board of Governors deliberate on the admission based on the membership application submitted.

Step6 Admission Approval

After the Board of Governors approves your application, the JSDA membership will be officially entitled to your firm.


Admission fee, Membership Fee, etc.

When joining the JSDA as a securities company, you will be required to pay the admission fee and the general fund contribution. After joining the JSDA, you need to pay the membership fee and relevant expenses.
*Details will be informed in your application process.


Support Desk in English

Securities companies that are permitted to submit an application for registration, etc. in English to the administrative authorities may also apply for admission to JSDA in English.
Please contact us at the following email address for details of the membership application procedures in English.