Information of Corporate Bond Transactions


JSDA has introduced the "Report/Dissemination System for Information of Corporate Bond Transactions" which disseminates actual contract prices of OTC corporate bond transactions as follows



Scope of Issues for Dissemination /Issues under Suspension of Dissemination /Issues under Cease of Dissemination, etc.

Daily Transaction Information

From December 1, 2021, in order to improve the convenience of data acquisition for users, the format of the historical data of the corporate bond transaction posted on the website has been changed from the business day basis to the annual time series basis.

When you download a CSV file, please use this item linking header.XLS

Data for Current Day
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July 17,
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2024 CSV XLS

Historical Data
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2023 CSV XLS
2022 CSV XLS
2021 CSV XLS
2020 CSV XLS
2019 CSV XLS
2018 CSV XLS
2017 CSV XLS
2016 CSV XLS
2015 (Data since November 4) CSV XLS

Amendment, etc. of Information of Corporate Bond Transactions


Outline of this system

Report/Dissemination System for Information of Corporate Bond TransactionsPDF


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