World Investor Week 2021


The JSDA has endeavored to promote medium- and long-term asset building and improve the financial literacy of individual investors as matters of crucial strategic importance.
Among its initiatives to this end, the JSDA has undertaken initiatives such as educational activities to expand the investor base, dissemination and promotion of financial literacy, and activities related to preventing individuals from falling victim to investment scams. This year, we are actively participating and cooperating in the World Investor Week campaign through the following activities.

• “Securities Investment Day”

We have designated October 4th as "Securities Investment Day" in order to get more people interested in securities investment. This year, the JSDA created and distributed posters to member firms for their use in explaining the event to investors to enhance the public recognition of Securities Investment Day.


• Creation of a special website and requesting cooperation from Association Members

We have created a website introducing World Investor Week, and through it, widely disseminated the campaign. In addition, we have created the following banner in Japanese, and requested our Association Members to cooperate in the World Investor Week campaign by widely using the banner as well.

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• Educational activities for young generation

We have created YouTube channels and special websites in order to disseminate the attractiveness of securities investment to inexperienced investors, uninterested people, and young generation.

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• Educational activities for individual investors

We summarized main points of NISA (Nippon Individual Savings Account), which is a tax incentive system suitable for medium- and long-term asset building, and disseminated information on special websites and leaflets.

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• Financial and securities education

We are hosting seminars & events, dispatching lecturers, and providing online content for inexperienced or novice investors.

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• Preventing investment scams

In order to prevent investment scams, we are conducting public awareness campaigns directed at general consumers and investors that call attention to their potential risk of becoming victim to investment fraud, including creating advertisements and providing information on our website.

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